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8 Tips to Buying a Home 

Think about your family and plan ahead 

Delay major purchases 

Wait to make any major purchases like a car or furniture for the new house. Major purchases made before purchasing your home can lead to an increase in your debt load. This increase might prevent you from obtaining your home. 

Don't rush 
This is a big decision, and you don't want to overlook anything important. Think carefully about what you need and want in a home. How long will you live there? Is your family growing? What do you think of the local schools? Do you like the neighborhood and or neighbors? Make sure you are satisfied with all aspects of the house and the community you will live in. 

Make a calculated offer 
Don't offer too much. Before you make an offer on the house you want to buy, have your real estate agent prepare a comparative market analysis showing recent sale prices of similar homes in the area. Negotiate to include any necessary contingencies (like mortgage financing, inspections, repairs, or the sale of your home) in your offer. 

Choose your mortgage loan wisely 
The 30-year fixed-rate mortgage, while the most common mortgage, is not the only mortgage in America. Often times an adjustable rate loan is the best choice to get you in the home of your dreams. At
Rosemont Mortgage, we help our customers make informed decisions with the help of a wide variety of loan mortgage loan products! 

Understanding your credit 
There are 3 credit reporting agencies in the country that gather your credit information on a monthly basis. Rosemont Mortgage will evaluate your report for accuracy and credit scoring. Based on the results a licensed loan agent will advise you on how to manage your credit to ensure the purchase of your dream home. 

Job stability 
Stable employment history will help you qualify for our loan products. If you are contemplating a career or job change, do so after the purchase of your new home. A change in employment just before or during the loan process may be a reason for problems in qualifying. 

Know what you can afford by getting pre-qualified 
Don't set your sights too high and look at what you can't afford. You may not be able to afford your dream home right now. Let
Rosemont Mortgage pre-qualify you for an amount and use that pre-qualification to shop for a home in your price range. 

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